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Greetings from President of the AAA

The representatives of member countries chose Saudi Arabia to host the 16th AAA conference. As the president of AAA, it is my great pleasure and honor to invite all scientists, researchers, professional and amateur beekeepers, bee technicians, bee equipment manufacturers and suppliers, GOs, NGOs, journalists and all other stakeholders to attend this exciting and interesting event. I have got chances to visit to Saudi Arabia in several occasions and I witnessed the great hospitalities and dedications of the Saudi people. Saudi Arabia, particularly the hosting city, Baljurashi, AlBaha and the local beekeeping communities are ready to serve you at most with high standard facilities, scientific symposia, exhibition and post conference tours. I guarantee you all very useful meeting and warm reception and hospitability. Browse the conference website and see the conference detail activities and register on time. See you at Al-Baha in August, 2023.

Siriwat Wongsiri
President of Asian Apicultural Association