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The 15th International Honey Festival in Al-Baha

The International Honey Festival is one of the most important events annually organized and implemented by the Beekeepers Cooperative Association in Al-Baha. The festival is supported and directed by His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Hussam bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Prince of Al-Baha Region, may God protect him. The festival aims to support bee and honey producers, develop their skills, and provide the latest local and international bee supplies. In addition, learn about the latest innovations, creations and modern technologies of beekeepers and local and international experts in the field of beekeeping and honey production, as well as, to marketing beekeepers’ honey and various bee products.
The implementation of this festival comes as one of the most important elements of the tourist attraction for Al-Baha region, as it is one of the most important tourist areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. also contributes to a high degree in attracting visitors and tourists to the region and attracting companies, workers, experts and those interested in the honey and bee industry at the national, regional and international levels.
From an economic perspective, it is noted that a large segment of the Saudi society depends on beekeeping and its products as a primary or additional source of income, as the number of beekeepers in the Kingdom is estimated at more than 14,000 beekeepers, who own more than one million bee colonies. In addition, there are a large number of honey traders who trade in local and imported honey, whose quantity exceeds ten thousand tons annually.

The most important expected advantages of the festival:

We expect the festival to appear this year in a new look due to its coincidence with the 16th International Conference of the Asian Beekeepers Association, as well as the support given by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture to the festival. A residence is also distinguished by the fact that it will be held in the association’s facilities, as it will last for two weeks, and will include an accompanying exhibition, entertainment events, and workshops.

Vision of the festival:

The festival’s vision is to achieve leadership in the development of the bee industry and to contribute to strengthening the position of Al-Baha region as a distinguished tourist destination and to provide various options for its visitors.

Message of the festival:

Seeking to present a qualitative festival for the advancement of the bee industry and beekeeping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the optimal utilization of honeybees and increasing their contribution to the country’s economy, and achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Festival goals:

1- Promoting the honey and bee industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general and Al-Baha region in particular.

2- Marketing beekeepers’ honey and various bee products and opening new markets

3- See the latest innovations and creations and discuss the ideas of beekeepers and local and international experts.

4- Attracting community members to work in the honey and bee industry to achieve their participation in economic, scientific and tourism activities and achieve economic and social benefit from those activities.

5- Spreading the spirit of honest competition among beekeepers and motivating them to develop their productive capabilities in a way that enhances the status of bee honey as a distinctive and high-quality product.

6- Contribute to revitalizing the tourism movement in Al-Baha region and the neighboring regions by attracting the largest possible number of visitors and tourists from inside and outside the country to Al-Baha region to enjoy its tourism components and the activities of the festival, which achieves economic and social returns for the region.

7- Encouraging crafts, traditional industries and productive families.

8- Providing the latest local and international bee supplies in one place.

Pictures from the activities of the International Honey Festival in Al-Baha